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Agency Policy

General Administration, Organization and Management
Agency Description and Public Information AD
Agency Organization, Mission, Planning and Management AD
American Correctional Association (ACA) Internal and External Audits AD
Best Practices AR
Community Correction Center Criteria and Standards AR
Computer, Cell Phone, Copier and Technology Resources AD
Data-Driven Decision Making SD
Data System Projects AD
Equipment Inventory, Transfer and Disposition AD
Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Resources AD
Grants Processing AD
Internal Investigations and Criminal Evidence Handling SD
Legal Documents AD
Meetings and Collaboration Tools AD
Policy and Procedure Development AD
Policy and Procedure Development AR
Policy Development and Implementation SD
Public Release of Offender Information AR
Processing of Lawsuits AR
Processing Procedures for Purchase, Transfer, Deployment, Repair and Disposal of Computer Equipment AD
Procurement and Disposition Activities AR
Procurement and Receiving AD
Records Management AD
Research and Program Evaluation AD
Research and Program Evaluation AR
Whistle Blower Act AD


Personnel, Management and Training  
Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Donations AD  
Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct AD  
Dress Code, Appearance, and Uniform AD  
Dress Code for Non-Uniformed Personnel SD  
Drug-Free Workplace AD  
Drug-Free Workplace AR  
Employee Assistance Program SD  
Employee Association AD  
Employee Awards and Recognition Programs AD  
Employee Discipline AD  
Employee Grievance and Mediation Procedure AD  
Employee Grievance Procedure AR  
Employee Involved Solicitations SD  
Employee Orientation, Training, and Certification SD  
Employment References for Current and Former Employees AD  
Employee Timekeeping, Compensation and Promotions AD  
Employee Work Schedules and Leave SD  
Employment SD  
Equal Employment Opportunity SD  
Field Training Officer Program AD  
Harassment AD  
Harassment AR  
Inclement Weather AD  
Personal Assignment of State Vehicles - Board Policy   
Residential Services Employee Orientation, Skills Qualification, and On-The-Job Training AD  
Secondary Employment SD  
Staff Assignments and Housing AR  
Travel Rules and Reimbursement AD  


Security, Safety, Sanitation and Food Services
Central Office Emergency Plan AD 
Central Office Key Control AD
Community Correction Center Criteria and Standards AR
Community Correction Center Duty Officer AD
Escapes AD 
Escapes, Disturbances or Emergencies AR
Facility Sanitation and Food Service AD
Incident Notification Procedures SD
Naloxone Protocol AD
Personal Cleanliness and Grooming For Residents AD
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) AD
Radio Procedures AD
Reporting and Investigating Incidents, Hazards, and Maltreatment AD
Safety and Security AD
Safety, Security and Sanitation at Residential Centers AR
Searches for, Control and Disposition of Contraband and Evidence AD
Threats AD
Tobacco AD
Use of Force AD
Use of Force AR
Use of Restraints AD
Weapons and Security Equipment AD


Offender Management and Programs
ACIC/NCIC Criminal Information System AD
Access to Residential Facilities AD
Chaplaincy Services AD
Classification of Offenders AR
Commissary AD
Community Service Program AR
Community Transition and Furlough AD
County Jail Backup AD
DNA Sample Collection AD
Economic Sanctions AR
Electronic Montioring After 120 Days Served AR
Furlough Program AR
Grievance Procedures for Offenders AR
Health Care Co-Payment Program AD
Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System - ICOTS AD
Medication Assisted Treatment AD
Meritorious Good Time AD
Meritorious Good Time AR
Monitoring of Arkansas Department of Correction Meritorious Furloughs AD
Offender Case Records AD
Offender Commissaries AR
Funds of Offenders AR
Offender Substance Abuse Testing AD
Offender Substance Abuse AR
Personal Cleanliness and Grooming for Offenders AR
Post Incarceration Housing Programs, Requirements, and Licensure AD
Prenatal Care/Pregnant Inmates/Residents AR
Prenatal Care/Pregnant Residents AD
Racial Profiling AD
Reentry Facilities AD
Reentry Facility Program AR
Release for Completion of the Program AD
Resident Conduct AD
Resident Correspondence AR
Residential Facilities AD
Resident Grievance and Appeal Process AD
Resident Publications AR
Resident Medical Services AD
Resident Serious Illness-Injury or Death AD
Resident Visitation AR
Sentence Computation and Tracking AR
Special Response Team (SRT) AD
Supervision Sanction Program AD
Terminal Illness or Permanently Incapacitated AR
Transfer Eligibility to Community Correction AR
Transitional Housing Program AR 
Transportation of Offenders Released to Community Supervision & Discharge AD
Use of Telephones AR
Volunteer Program AR
Volunteer Services AD


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A Division of the Department of Corrections: Cabinet Secretary: Wendy Kelly

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Division of Community Correction
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